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Salmon & curd cheese

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Salmon & curd cheese


227g Langage Farm curd cheese

100g smoked salmon

3 spring onions, finely chopped

cracked black pepper


dill, finely chopped – approx. 1 tsp

Double up on all the ingredients (apart from Salmon) for a cream cheese dip to serve with crackers.


In a bowl mix Langage Farm curd cheese with finely chopped spring onions, dill, paprika and cracked black pepper.

Place thin slice of smoked Salmon on cling film.  Add some of the curd cheese mixture evenly on the long edge of the Salmon.  Gently roll the Salmon over the cream cheese, keeping it tight.  Roll it up in the cling film and place in fridge for a couple of hours, ideally overnight.  Leave cream cheese mixture in a bowl and place in fridge.

With a sharp knife cut the Salmon roulade into slices and stack on a plate.   Serve Salmon slices and remaining cream cheese with crackers or as part of a finger buffet.

Langage Farm curd cheese and Salmon – a winning combination!

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