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A: When it is pasture bedtime.

Cookie & Langage cream

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Cookie & Langage cream


450ml Langage Farm double cream

1tbsp vanilla essence (coffee or any other flavour)

2 packs of cookies (choc chip cookies, chocolate digestives – any biscuit)

grated chocolate to sprinkle


Place Langage Farm double cream in a bowl, add vanilla essence (or flavour of your choice).  Whisk until the cream forms a soft peak.

For individual portions place a cookie into a small tub, add a spoonful of Langage Farm double cream, then add another cookie and top with cream again.  Sprinkle chocolate on top and place in fridge over night.

For a larger portion place a cookie in the centre of a plate then place additional cookies around in a circle.  Place a layer of cream over all the cookies.  Repeat these two layers for 4 or 5 times.  Cover the whole layer with cream top and sides.  Sprinkle with chocolate and place in fridge overnight.


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