Q: When do you know it is time for the cows to go to sleep?
A: When it is pasture bedtime.



Congratulations on producing the Best clotted cream I have had in years.  I used to work for a Dairy for 20 years and just loved a bottle of Channel Island milk.  I bought your cream tonight for some scones and it was absolute heaven.  Thanks for your lovely product and keep up the good hard work.  FB 16/08/19

I have been buying your Strawberry and Lemon curd yogurts and they are absolutely gorgeous, tasty and full of flavour.  Thank you, what a lovely smooth yogurt.  KB 24/07/19

I tried your yogurts last week and have fallen in love with them!  They’re the tastiest yogurts ever.  SK 21/07/19

I would just like to say the luxury layered yogurts you sell is the best yogurt I’ve every had.  It’s absolutely to die for, Well done!  YY 10/07/19

I just wanted to say how much I love your yogurts in the little glass jars!  So lovely and old fashioned! The yogurts are the smoothest I’ve ever eaten.  I will only buy these from now on as in my opinion nothing compare to it!  Thank you and your beautiful cows for making such an outstanding product.  TD 20/05/19

I just had to tell you that I bought your fabulous yogurt in my local M&S store, what a great taste.  Fantastic to see a family company thriving. JS 04/05/19

OMG just had the lemon curd yogurt and it is delicious.  And it comes in a environmentally friendly glass jar too.  This is the best yogurt ever, well done, British food at its best. SF01/05/19

Tasted your glass jar yogurts for the first time today, absolutely delicious, just how a yogurt is supposed to taste.  Thanks very much. RM 29/04/19

Just wanted to say your yogurts are the best thing I have ever eaten.  I am addicted to the lemon curd ones.  Thank you for making such a wonderful product.  LC 25/04/19

We buy quite regularly your Devon Clotted cream and thought we should compliment you on the finest product of its type we have ever tried.  Comparing to other manufacturers your product cannot be beaten, Congratulations.  PM 24/04/19

I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your luxury glass yogurts, especially lemon curd, but all the other flavours are fab too.  I am raving about them to my friends and family all the time.  Thank you for producing such an amazing product.  LS 13/04/19

Oh my word, first tasted your yogu

rts in July when visiting Devon, yummy.  A few weeks ago I found out these were available nationally.  Just thought I would let you know how yummy they are and how pleased I am that I can get them locally.  TE 24/09/18

Your Baileys ice cream is absolutely delicious, thanks for putting my favourite drink into my favourite ice cream.  AW 15/08/18

Just tried your white chocolate and raspberry ice cream, it’s lovely, keep up the good work.  MS 29/06/18


Congratulations on producing such a lovely glass jar yogurt.  The jars are perfect for me when I make jam.  Many thanks AS 21/06/18


Your glass layered yogurts are amazing, so tasty especially the lemon curd one.  The glass jars are perfect, I’m reusing the jars for favours for my wedding.  Thanks very much AT 10/05/2018


I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your little pots of farmhouse yogurt, especially the blood orange and cranberry.  The yogurt is so wonderfully thick and creamy. Well done! TH 19/03/18


We had your lemon curd yogurt today and it is truly scrumptious.  I really like the little glass pots, so much better environmentally and I’m going to save them to use as little vases for snowdrops.  Well done! KR 18/01/18


I recently discovered your layered yogurts and have to say they are the nicest I’ve had.  My favourite is the Raspberry.  I also love the little glass container as I can re-use them again.  AL 17/01/18


My family always look forward to receiving your cream by post for Christmas.  Langage cream is by far the best. GL 01/12/17


Bought your Raspberry and Lemon Curd layered yogurts last night, we tried them all and they are bang-onmoooooing beautiful.  LP 20/11/17


I have recently come across your Lemon Curd layered yogurt in your shop.  Just wanted to let you know how amazing the yogurt taste.  AT 04/10/17


We bought some luxury layered yogurt from Aldi and just had to let you know how lovely it tastes.  Our favourite is the Raspberry.  Kind regards MS 20/09/17


Just wanted to say we thought the ice cream was the best we have ever tasted, we will be back next month for more. Yours sincerely KD 09/05/17


Hello, I bought a jar of your raspberry farmhouse yogurt today and wanted to tell you how lovely it was.  Very very tasty.  Thank you NW 08/05/17


Happy New Year to you all.  We received your clotted cream as a gift and I wanted to let you know it was the very best we ever tasted.  It must be your Jersey & Guernsey cows that make it so lovely.  I will be eating your cream again soon.  Regards MB 03/01/17


We have bought your curd cheese and made a couple of the recipes from your website.  The baked cheese cake went down very well and so did the chocolate pots, especially with some whipped double cream on top.  Many thanks for giving us some ideas on what to make with your delicious products.  Best regards AW 01/12/16 


Popped into your shop and treated ourselves to your lovely ice cream.  The Chocolate Orange and Christmas Pudding ice cream were a definite favourite of ours.  Thanks for making such delicious ice cream, keep up the good work.  AT 11/11/16


Just wanted to say ‘Yumm’!  I was searching for a sugar free live yogurt and found yours in my local Tesco’s and though I would give it a try.  So glad I did, as it is truly delicious and I be back for more and telling my friends! LL 05/09/16


During our recent family break in Exmouth we tried your fantastic fruit layered yogurts.  Very rarely do I directly feedback, but on this occasion I feel the need to let you know that your yogurt is one of, if not the best I have ever tasted.  Keep up the good work.  LP 29/07/16


I would like to congratulate and thank you for your superb curd cheese. I was delighted to find it in my local Waitrose.  Your cheese is perfect for spreading thickly on rye bread.  If I could only consume one cheese for the rest of my life, it would be yours.  Renewed thanks and best wishes AJ 04/06/16


I really enjoy your ice cream.  I have introduced others to your brand and they have really enjoyed your brand of ice cream as they don’t have it where they live.  Please don’t change your recipe on your ice cream and keep up the good work. Kind regards CW 26/04/2016


I have just bought your summer berry low fat yogurt from my local Tesco and have enjoyed it. I am trying to cut down on added sugar content in my food and was so pleased to find your yogurt with no added sugar. Thanks MH 24/02/2016


I recently bought some of your coffee mocha yogurt, OMG! it was AMAZING!  The wonderful blend of chocolate and coffee was something special, almost like eating a liquid version of a chocolate cheesecake with a splash of coffee, yummy! SF 07/12/2015


Last weekend I made a baked cheesecake, using your Devon Gold soft curd cheese.  I had so many compliments that I thought I should share them with you.  Thank you very much! EW 02/12/2015


Yesterday we tried one of your products: Coffee Mocha Luxury Dairy ice cream and we loved it!  It tastes like home made! DG 24/10/2015


Just wanted to say that I discovered your yogurt in Tesco’s.  Not nearly as sweet as other brands and really good.  Hope it becomes a regular item.  JS 28/07/2015


Just had to write and say that your coffee mocha yogurt is amazing!!! Low fat is a bonus, keep up the good work. SH 28/07/2015


Such an easy professional service :-). Cream by post customer E.G. 27/05/2015


Hello, I would like to comment and say what a superb product your Clotted cream is.  It is really scrummy.  Many thanks R.R. 08/12/2014


Thank you so much for the great customer service you have provided, it is much appreciated.  Have a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year to you all the team at Langage and many, many thanks to all the cows.  Best wishes E.L. 03/12/2014


Hello, I bought your Blackberry and Apple Crumble ice cream the other day and it is by far the best ice cream that I have ever bought.  Well done for such a superb product.  I will be buying this again and recommending it to all my friends and family.  Yours thankfully, A.P. 14/10/2014


I absolutely love your products!  The clotted cream is sublime and as a family we don’t eat any other.  Kind regards C.L. 11/08/2014


Thank you for all the organisation and welcome you gave us during our visits over the last few weeks.  The origins of Langage Farm and its on-going ethos is very refreshing to see and hear about.  Langage has a great combination of a sustainable approach to doing business with products that bring a little bit of luxury and pleasure to those who buy them!  We remain big fans and wish Langage Farm on-going success and happiness.  Best Regards D.C. 04/07/2014


Today I tried your cottage cheese for the first time and loved it.  Keep up the good work in making the lovely cottage cheese.  Kind regards A.H. 27/02/2014


Congratulations to your team of chefs who created the Christmas Pudding ice cream.  Ample fruit and nut filling and fantastic flavours with such lovely ice cream.  For the past four years my family and I have always enjoyed this light alternative to the normal Christmas pudding.  I don’t know if you have changed your recipe but this year you have surpassed all my expectations.  Long may this continue, please keep up the good work.  Yours truly Mrs S.B. 08/01/2014


Just a quick thank you for the clotted cream you sent before Christmas.  It was excellent.  It only remains to wish you a very happy New Year and keep up the good work.  Best wishes B.W. 30/12/2013


Hello, I just wanted to thank you for the visit that we had with you last week.  You spent so much time with us and it was such an interesting and informative visit, which we all enjoyed.  Again thank you for your time and the tastings, you have now enlisted a few new consumers!  With kindest regards C.K. 20/11/2013


Thank you for showing us around your exciting factory, we really enjoyed it.  We would like to thank you for taking the time to show us around your brilliant farm, we had a mooing time!  We loved the ice cream, clotted cream and frozen yogurt. It was great to see that you make your own electricity from food waste.  Best wishes from class 5b – 21/10/2013