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Orange cupcake with chocolate frosting

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Orange cupcake with chocolate frosting


Decoration: 100g dark chocolate, 15g white chocolate

Cupcake: 175g unsalted butter, 175g caster sugar, 3 eggs, 175g self raising flour, 1 whole orange zest, 3 tbsp. orange juice

Frosting: 100g Langage Farm Curd cheese, 25g soft unsalted butter, 200g icing sugar, 50g cocoa powder



Decoration:  Melt dark chocolate, spread on baking paper and leave to cool.  Melt white chocolate and drizzle on top.  Leave to cool.

Cupcake:  Mix soft unsalted butter and caster sugar until creamy, slowly add 3 lightly beaten eggs.  Sieve in self raising flour and continue to mix well.  Add zest of orange and orange juice and mix well together.  Place equal amount of mixture into cupcake cases (makes between 12 and 16).  Place in oven @ 180°C for 20 – 25 mins.  Cool cupcakes on a rack.

Frosting:  Mix 100g Langage Farm curd cheese and 25g soft butter, add icing sugar and cocoa powder.  Mix thoroughly until smooth.  Pipe frosting onto each cupcake.  Break up the chocolate into pieces and place on top of the frosting.   Leave in fridge to cool.

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